this is the cutest fucking thing ever 

I literally can’t, this is too perf 

oh my god

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Tilt and balance.

Back when I first started drawing them in 2011, the Keeper had antlers and the spellmaker had horns. I’d phased them out by 2012 because I kept thinking about how uncomfortable it would be for them to sleep lying down. Their current antler/horn-less states are more mundane, but I sleep better knowing they also sleep better.

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Hi! Yes! Hello, thank you for breakfast but you seem to have forgotten my… There are vegetables but… Hello! MA’AM?! MA’AM!

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When people are starting drama in the fandom and you just want toimage

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Kids Give Their Opinions About Marriage…

Pam’s going far in life.

Ricky’s going pretty far too

Too brilliant to not reblog.

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Romeo & Giulietta; ama e cambia il mondo
                (the Italian musical)

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I posted a couple of new comic pages on the web site this weekend.  

Lackadaisy Crossroads
Lackadaisy Voodooienne

It’s not much, and I’m sorry about that.  To those who’ve been asking if the comic is dead - no, surely not.  Life has been mostly work and sleep for the past while, though, with depressingly little space for comics.

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send me a fandom and i’ll list my five favorite characters

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Cersei Lannister inspired outfit

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» Samhain ~ Oct. 31st ~ Correspondences


Names: Celtic ~ Summer’s End, pronounced “sow” (rhymes with now) “en” (Ireland), sow-een (Wales) – “mh” in the middle is a “w” sound – Greater Sabbat(High Holiday) – Fire Festival Oct 31-Nov 1(North Hemisphere) – Apr 30-May 1 – The Great Sabbat, Samhiunn, Samana, Samhuin, Sam-fuin, Samonios, Halloween, Hallomas, All Hallows Eve, All Saints/All Souls Day(Catholic), Day of the Dead (Mexican), Witches New Year, Trinoux Samonia, Celtic/ Druid New Year, Shadowfest (Strega), Martinmas or Old Hallowmas (Scotttish/Celtic) Lá Samhna (Modern Irish), Festival of the Dead, Feile Moingfinne (Snow Goddess), Hallowtide (Scottish Gaelis Dictionary), Feast of All Souls, Nos Galen-gae-of Night of the Winter Calends (Welsh), La Houney or Hollantide Day, Sauin or Souney ( Manx), oidhche na h-aimiléise-the night of mischief or confusion(Ireland), Oidhche Shamna (Scotland)

Herbs, Plants & Fruit: Apple, Cedar, Cherry, Elder, Eucalyptus, Holly, Chestnut, Mugwort, Vervain, Oak, Blackberry, Witch Hazel, Lime, Lemons, Pomegranate, Hemp, Lavender, Saffron, Sage, Sarsaparilla, Star Anise, Sugar Cane, Elder Flowers, Grape, Mandrake, Mint, Myrrh, Pine, Pumpkin, Gourds, Squash, Rosemary, Nettle, Mullein, Nightshade, Tobacco, Vanilla, Witchgrass, Liquorice, Ginger, Almond, Rowan, Blueberries, Huckleberries, Wolfsbane, Rue, Sunflower, Basil, African Violet, Acacia, 

**Warning: Some may be poisonous, please do research before consuming!**

Foods & Drinks: 
Apples, apple dishes, kumquats, Cranberries, cider, meat (traditionally this is the meat harvest) especially pork, mulled cider with spices, nuts-representing resurrection and rebirth, nuts, pomegranates, potatoes, pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, squash. Mead and red Wine (especially spiced), 

Incense & Oils: Cedar, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Lavender, Lime, Mint, Myrrh, Orange, Sagebrush, Sandalwood,
Copal, Mastic resin, Benzoin, Sweetgrass, Wormwood, Mugwort, Sage, Patchouli, Camphor, Chamomile, 

Colors: Black, Orange, Red, Brown, Gold, Silver

Tools: Cauldron, tarot, runes, besom, pendulum, ouija board, oghams, scrying mirror, 

Stones & Gems: Black obsidian, jasper, carnelian, onyx, smoky quartz, jet, bloodstone, hematite, petrified wood, bones (cleansed & pure aka no KFC chicken bones or of that sort). 

Animals & Mythical Creatures: Stag, cat, bat, owl, jackal, ram, scorpion, heron, crow, robin, Phooka, Goblin, Medusa, Beansidhe, Fylgiar, Peryton, Erlkonig, Harpies

Gods: Cernunnus, Horned God, Osiris, Hades, Anubis, Loki, Dis, Arawn, Erebos, Pluto, Iku, Eshu, Gywnn Ap Nudd (Welsh), All death and underworld gods. 

Goddesses: The Crone, Hecate(Greek), Cerridwen(Welsh-Scottish), Arianrhod(Welsh), Demeter, Caillech (Irish-Scottish), Baba Yaga (Russian), Al-Ilat(persian), Santa Muerte (Mexican), Bast (Egyptian), Persephone (Greek), Hel(Norse), Kali(Hindu), all Death & Otherworld Goddesses

Symbols & Decorations: 
Apples, autumn flowers, acorns, bat, black cat, bones, corn stalks, colored leaves, crows, death/dying, divination and the tools associated with it, ghosts, gourds, Indian corn, jack-o-lantern, nuts , oak leaves, pomegranates, pumpkins, scarecrows, scythes, waning moon

Rituals: Honoring the dead, end of summer, harvest, scrying, divination, meat harvest

Workings: Sex magick, release of bad habits, banishing, faerie magic, divination of any kind, candle magic, astral projection, past life work, dark moon mysteries, mirror spells (reflection), casting protection , inner work, propitiation, clearing obstacles, uncrossing, inspiration, workings of transition or culmination, manifesting transformation,creative visualization, contacting those who have departed this plane

Magick, plenty; knowledge, the night, death & rebirth, success, protection; rest, new beginning; ancestors; lifting of the veil, mundane laws in abeyance, return, change

Element: Water

Threshold: Midnight

Gender Associated: Male 

Sources: (1), (2), (3), (4)

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Pet Owners of Game of Thrones

by Kenny Kuang


for those who haven’t watched up to season 4, but honestly, who hasn’t??

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What the next few years looks like in terms of superhero movies

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